Love, Ritual, and Spirituality

Marian imagery is a common theme in my artwork as a creative expression of motherly love. I was raised in an abusive Roman Catholic parish that disbanded shortly after the Boston Globe Spotlight article in 2002; the artmaking process is a way for me to create both the care that was lacking in the community that touted these very images and also iconography to soothe those traumatized by similar abuse. I work primarily in textiles such as quilting, embroidery, and beadwork while also utilizing 3d printing.


I studied art therapy at Alverno College, and I’ve always integrated spiritual and therapeutic themes in my artwork. My art journey has moved from creating artwork for myself to sharing with others, especially those healing from spiritual abuse and trauma. Utilizing mixed media based on textiles, my artwork weaves together themes of holiness, nature, and Catholic imagery separated from the patriarchal institution of Church hierarchy.